Yearning to be understood?

Understand The Chaos
Understand The Chaos (Photo credit: yelowcap)

When you are asking the world to understand you, you are really standing outside of yourself.
You are the one who should be asking for understanding from your own internal being, not from external sources.

Once again this is another manifestation of seeking love in all the wrong places.
Be assured that this is a natural tendency in cultures that put the most attention on external objects and teach their people to desire them from an early age.

The power of understanding is like standing under the waterfall of our own manifest destiny.
We accept all the pouring waters of life as they come upon us and the goose flesh that tells us the water is cold.
We allow the cold waters to have their effect on us, to wash us clean, to invigorate and enliven us, first.
This is experience.
Then we may take a step back and see what we have done, to analyse the effects of standing beneath the waters.
This is contemplation.

You cannot achieve understanding about anything without your own passage of contemplation.
You may read others’ understandings or teach your own and receive many views from others, but there is no substitute to your own unique interpretation of your particular experience.

However, you must have experiences to contemplate or there is no grist for the mill!
So go out and live your life and forget about this desire to be understood for a little while and accept that you are not understood.
This is a good place to start contemplation.

When we have found that standing in the waterfall is good, we may do it again at any time, or we may decide we prefer a lake or a river.

Without experience there can be no defining of our preferred ways of interacting with life, and you may need many years of interaction with life in order to achieve a clear picture of what is best for you.

So then, seek not to be understood by others, for your experience is unique and it is impossible for anyone to fully grasp the depths of your waters or how fast they run.

All you can hope for is to understand your own self, for there is no one else more qualified to do this than YOU!

When you have finally gleaned some understanding, which will grow in time, you can then begin the task of helping others to achieve their own understandings, but with the knowledge that they too are unique.
You can communicate to them to the best of your ability how good it feels to understand yourself and share your process of achieving that state of being. They are then able to take what inspiration they can, and aspire to find understanding for themselves.
This is a great talent and is the kind of nurturing we all seek.

Each of us has a gift for the world, and understanding yourself is the greatest of these. To understand self is to understand humanity and is a worthy quest, so begin now to turn in and observe your own rich inner world and soon the outer world will cease to matter to you in the same way and you will not mind it when others are puzzled by your strangeness, for you will know that they have a journey of their own to travel and feel compassion for them.

This is truth and let it be known that those that understand you will never be afraid of you for they too have journeyed hard on this road less travelled.

Peace and Love to you,

Yellow Hopie


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